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Want to call?

As a teacher, you are a talking point for many parents. About the weekend, Amber's favorite cuddly toy, the weather... but favorite topic is of course speaking about one's own child. Earlier in a blog I told you about the power of the triangle where the child, the parents and the school form the basis for the development of the child. 

Communication is therefore of great importance. However, as a teacher you also have moments when the focus is on other things than work. For example, on weekends, or during a family member's birthday, it is not so important where Jan's gym bag is located.

Fortunately, Ziber has a function for that in the app that you can use as desired. For example, the "Do not disturb" function can be used where you can set when the parent communication can actively reach you as a teacher.

Instead of WhatsApp, the app can use "Topics". In this way, an interactive conversation can still be started between parent and teacher. 

If this is not desired as a teacher, this function can also be switched off individually.

The great thing about this is that everyone can decide for themselves how the communication is organized.

I remember well that at the Jenaplan school where I worked I played the theme "building". The children were allowed to do research on a building of their choice. This building was incorporated into a model. With what kind of material this would be done, the children were allowed to decide for themselves / take with them. Parents were informed about the process and encouraged to actively think along at home. The Eiffel Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, the Burj Khalifa were put together with sweat on the foreheads. 

Similarly, a student chose the National Theatre in Prague. An information sheet about this building was drawn up and a model was made from a box. At the end of the theme, one afternoon we turned the group into an exhibition space where the children could tell the parents and other interested parties about their process and chosen building as specialists. I saw great involvement with both the makers and the visitors.

Weeks later I received a message at Topics. When I opened it, my teaching heart jumped. The student who had recreated the National Theatre in Prague had sent a photo from Prague. He stood in front of the Theatre with a big grin on his face. Speaking of the triangle and meaningful learning...

Until next time!

Love Hannah