Ask your school's parents for permission

Do you need parental consent? Let your school's parents answer the consent questions through the app.

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Teachers can view permission questions via Ziber

Post a photo of a student? View the (current) permissions of the parents directly in the Ziber Teamapp.

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With Kwieb, parents easily manage their permissions

Parents can easily answer the permission questions via the privacy settings in Kwieb.

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Parents can easily adjust their consent again

Parents can easily change their permission, the teacher will be notified immediately!

4.7 out of 5

Highest Rating

The Kwieb app has been rated the best in the app stores by parents.

Nice app, different functions. Privacy well protected. Nice to be able to comment.
Google Play
Patricia Gerritsen - van Beek
The app is clear and provides sufficient information. You can also indicate how much information about yourself is visible to others and it is easy to use.
App Store

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