Rates of the Ziber platform

A complete platform for your child center and primary school

Rates from 1-1-2024 Per student
per year
Ziber Teamapp - The app for the entire school team Free
Ziber Website - including hosting, SSL, group pages, activities and all features €2.31
Ziber SenseView - 2 licenses, all necessary apps €1.19
Ziber API - For external publishing of messages and activities - including Wordpress and Elementor plugin €1.75
Ziber Newsletter - Expansion of Ziber Website €1.75
Ziber Kwieb - The best rated parent app in the Netherlands, including all functions €3.75
Ziber Connect - Publish information between different zones Free
Ziber Support - Via chat, telephone, WhatsApp, email, knowledge base, video tutorials Free

Education Complete (all above functions) from 10.75 for: €7.18

The Ziber platform consists of: a custom-designed website, which you can manage together with all teachers via the Ziber Team app. You can create and publish messages, activities (with payment link) and photo albums on the website and show them on your SenseView school TV. At any time you can collect all messages and activities and send them as a digital newsletter to parents and caregivers.

In addition, teachers can schedule parent meetings in the Kwieb parent app , receive and view absence notifications, post messages that parents can like and respond to, create registration lists for school excursions, safely share photos, send (emergency) push notifications and much more.

The Ziber platform always includes free support for the foundation, school and parents/guardians. We are happy to help you via our online helpdesk with explanations and video tutorials, participate in our free webinars or contact us via chat, telephone or email.

Optional extensions

Data links

One-time Annual
Parnassys synchronization - €98.50
ESIS synchronization - €77
Manual input / excel import or EDEXML exchange - Free

Team course

Team course Teamapp & Kwieb parent app (on location in NL) €430 -
Team course Teamapp & Kwieb parent app (online) €235 -
Explanation of Teamapp & Kwieb parent app (video) Free -

Hardware - Ziber SenseView

Google Chromebox + management (for SenseView TV channel) €300 €25

Realization costs - Ziber SenseView

External designer - You only pay the designer - -
Ziber - Based on submitted design* €195 -
Ziber - Based on current corporate identity* €280 -

Realization costs - Ziber Website

External designer - You only pay the designer - -
Ziber - Based on submitted design* €475 -
Ziber - Based on current corporate identity* €875 -

* In consultation with Ziber and in accordance with Ziber Platform options

Umbrella benefit

Are there several schools with which you work together in an umbrella organization/foundation? Per 200 students you will receive a 1% discount up to a maximum of 15% for all schools that use Ziber.

Are you a participant of NVK?

Ziber is a preferred partner of the Association of Child Centers Network (VNK) . If you are a member of NVK you will receive a 20% discount on the subscription costs for the first year with a new subscription. Then use the code: WELKOMVNK on the order form.

Order forms

Additional Ziber zones?

For example, for Parent Council (payment requests), Participation Council, Childcare, etc.

Rates as of 1-1-2024. Rates are subject to price and product changes and are indexed annually.
All subscriptions are exclusive of VAT, Ziber Pay transaction costs and domain name.