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Are you a teacher, administrative assistant or the school leader? The Dashboard is personal and tailor-made for you. You get the Ziber teamapp for free with every Ziber product.

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4.7 out of 5

Highest Rating

The Kwieb app has been rated the best in the app stores by parents.

super clear
Excellent clear working app! Nice and clear and super handy to stay informed of everything about my child. super handy!
Google Play
Kimberly Basjes
E maravilhoso esse aplicativo. E , eu ainda consigo ler em meu próprio idioma. Maravilhoso. - This app is wonderful. And, I can still read in my own language. amazing.
Google Play
Luzia Natalia Gesteira

Easy online communication with parents!

Discover Ziber's parent communication channels:
Kwieb parent app, school website, newsletter or school TV.

Automatic translation function

We also keep parents involved who have not yet mastered your language.

More than 24 languages

Not only do the apps work in 24 languages, but information from school is also automatically translated into the parent's language! That way everyone stays involved.

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Payment requests

Is your school's parent council having trouble getting the payments in one go? It is very easy for parents to pay the voluntary parental contribution via the payment requests in the parent app.

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Divorced parents?

Up to 4 parents/guardians can be linked to a student. In terms of privacy settings and naming (parent, caregiver, stepparent, grandpa, grandma,..) we take into account every possible situation. We love to make it nice for every user!

Need some rest outside school hours?

How Ziber reduces work pressure during your working day

Do Not Disturb Feature

Use the Do Not Disturb feature in Gnap

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the Dashboard

A clear working day with your personal Dashboard

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Extended Support

We are happy to help you, the school team and the parents

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Designed around privacy

For the team member, parent and child

In control of privacy yourself

Parents have control over their own information and over the privacy settings of the child. In the Kwieb app, parents decide for themselves which profile information is shared.
In Gnap, as a team member, you have full control over the sharing or hiding of personal information.

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Consent Questions (GDPR)

School can easily enter permission questions on which parents can give their permission in the Kwieb parent app. This saves a lot of paperwork at the beginning of the school year. As a team member you always have direct access - for example when sharing a message - in the permissions.

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Parent Involvement

Join forces for good and fun education

Top rated app by parents

As a school, you naturally want the best app for parents. Kwieb is the best rated parent app in the stores.

Reactions between team and parents

Fun conversations arise when comments are turned on for messages. Inspire each other and come up with good ideas.

Arrange class book yourself

Does the parent share his or her data in Kwieb? Then other parents can contact each other. Very useful for sharing ideas or making appointments.

Reach a teacher quickly with Topics

With Topics, the parent starts a conversation with the teacher via Kwieb. Questions about extra homework or supervision are arranged in no time.

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