Simple student management for administration

Save valuable time for administration with the automatic Student Administration System link in Gnap.


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Invite parents

With Gnap you can easily invite all parents/guardians through unique codes. Parents will receive the invitation by email. When parents forget to register, you can send them a reminder with the click of a button.

Leerlingenbeheer EN

Automatic pairing

Automatically link to student management system so you can easily send bulk invitations to parents? Contact us ( to check if we have a link to your system.

Uitnodiging En

Invite parents in their own language

With Ziber it is possible to send the parents an invitation in their own language. Ziber has support for more than 25 languages. In addition to the invitation, the app also works in the language of the parent and information from school is automatically translated.

Relationship to the child

It is possible to link up to 4 parents/guardians to a child. For example, grandpa & grandma can also stay informed! The linked persons can fill in their relationship to the child themselves, including parent, caretaker, family member, guardian or step-parent.


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