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With the Gnap app you can arrange all parent communication on the Ziber platform. Gnap is the remote control for the entire school team!

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One remote control for the whole school team

Imagine being able to share a message to the parents in Kwieb from your mobile in just a few clicks, simultaneously update the school website and broadcast it on SenseView school TV.

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The Gnap Dashboard

A good start to your working day

Which students are absent today? Have there been changes to the permission questions and have new parents registered for an activity? You can see this information at a glance on the Gnap Dashboard. With the large + you can quickly create a new message, activity or enter an absence yourself. All from your mobile or your desktop PC.

All about the dashboard

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Gnap Gespreksplanner Tijdsloten

Schedule parent meetings within 5 minutes?

You know it, as a teacher planning a parent or progress meeting with parents several times a year. Of course you want this to run as smoothly as possible.

With the call planner this is very easy! Choose the invitees, plan the days and time for the interviews, determine the registration period and send the invitations. Finished!

All about the call planner

Gnap Niet Storen

A little rest outside school hours

Ziber provides overview and peace during and after your working day

Do Not Disturb Feature

To give the teacher a break after the intense school day, we have devised the do not disturb function. You can silence the notifications with a schedule (your school times) or with the push of a button.

Gnap Dashboard

The Gnap dashboard also provides an overview and focus during the school day. You only see the most important information and we automatically archive Topics that are no longer recent.

We always help you on your way

Would you like some help with creating a message or setting up the call planner? You can always call, chat, WhatsApp and email us.

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Voor Wie Opvang

A personal one for every role at school
dashboard and specific functions

An optimized dashboard based on your role at school

Are you a teacher, IB'er, administration or school leader? The Gnap dashboard is always optimally set up for you with the most important information. For example, the absences for this day or the messages addressed to your group. The latest synchronization of the LAS is always ready for the administration to approve.

Communicate with every parent at school, regardless of language

Automatic translation of ... basically everything

Understanding the messages in Kwieb is of course very important to reach all parents. With the automatic translation feature, anything you enter into Gnap, such as messages and activities, is translated in Kwieb into the parent's preferred language.

Also understand the language of the parent

Not only are your messages translated into the language of the parent, you as a teacher can also read a comment on an absenteeism report in Dutch, for example. In this way we make communication a bit better.

Gnap Topics
Gnap Topics Nl

Topics. A personal conversation with the parent

With the Topics chat function, you as a teacher or team member can start an online conversation with the parent. The parent can also start a conversation with you about a school-related topic.

Images and attachments

To clarify the conversation, images or documents can be added to the conversation.

Encrypted and private

The conversations are sent encrypted between parent and teacher. This means that no one can intercept and read the conversation. A safe idea.

A conversation with several people

As a team member, you can add multiple people to the conversation. For example, your duo colleague or an IB'er. This automatically creates a group discussion.

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