Reduce the workload of teachers?

Reduce the workload of your school's teaching staff? Use the do not disturb feature of the Gnap school app for the team.

Notifications on/off

Turn off the notifications of the Gnap school app (temporarily) when you want rest. When the app is set to do not disturb, you will not receive push notifications or emails. Then you can easily turn on the notifications yourself. Of course, all notifications remain visible in the Dashboard when you open the app. 

Do Not Disturb schedule

Set your own do not disturb schedule. You then decide which days and times you do not want to be disturbed by parents. The schedule is also easy to turn off and on. 

Push notification or email

Did you know that you can also determine per component whether you want to receive a push notification or e-mail notification. Check out our support page to see how to do that settings