Schedule parent meetings within 5 minutes?

Choose the invitees, plan the days and time for the interviews, determine the registration period and send the invitations. Finished!

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Easily schedule assessment or parent conversations with the conversation planner

Make it easy on yourself and schedule the conversations online. Block breaks, assign an agreed time slot to a specific student or block a time slot so that you can make a conversation last twice as long. Parents can easily register themselves via Kwieb and change the registration as long as the registration period has not yet expired.

Parents choose their own time slot

When the registration period of the conversation planner starts, parents will receive a notification in the app to choose a time slot on the proposed days. They can then place the chosen moment directly in their own agenda, that's so easy!

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Conversations for the entire group or a few students

With the conversation planner you can choose to invite a select group or the entire class, you can do this with the push of a button. The teacher can view the progress of registrations and print an overview, also via mobile phone!

A ten-minute conversation can of course also take longer

As a teacher you are of course not bound to ten minutes. Decide for yourself when planning how much time you want to take for an interview. The call planner automatically calculates how many calls you can have per day and how many time slots you may need extra or have made too many.

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