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Talk to parents via the Topics function!


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Send a message to parents via Ziber

Start a conversation with parents via this handy chat function in Ziber. Sharing of photo's or other documents are also supported.


Talk to a parent 1-on-1 or start a group conversation

Let another parent, your duo or an IB'er participate in the conversation.

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Chat with school in a safe way

With the Kwieb parent app, parents can chat with the teachers in a safe way. In this way the data remains protected and you do not have to use Whatsapp.

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Choose a reason

Want to compliment the teacher? Or do you have a question about homework? Or just a good idea you want to share?
Choose a reason so that it's immediately clear, what the conversation is about.

4.7 out of 5

Highest Rating

The Kwieb app has been rated the best in the app stores by parents.

Never wait for answer
It's good that Kwieb does exist, to see all the nice school info and photos you're never too late! You can also send a message to teacher and you never wait hours for an answer.
Google Play
Anuska Aneczka
Well-arranged, clear, AVG proof
We have been using the Ziber App Kwieb for a while now. It is a nice portal to receive messages and to communicate with the teacher. The app is self-explanatory and is not complicated to understand. It's nice to choose what you do and don't want to share with other parents.
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