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The Kwieb Timeline

  • The personal timeline, informative, useful and fun.
  • Parents always see the most important notifications at the top of the timeline.
  • Also clear for parents with multiple children at school (or at multiple schools)
  • Just focus on one child? Use the filter.
  • Immediate information about completing permission questions.
  • In the event of an ongoing absence, the parent remains reminded and can easily report the child better.

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Topics En

Topics, a personal conversation with the teacher.

The Topics chat function ensures a personal and secure conversation between the parent and someone from the school team. A Topics can be started by a parent and ask a question to a teacher, files and images can also be shared.

Multiple people in a chat

The teacher can add several people to the conversation, for example an IB or a duo colleague.

Completed conversation? To the archive

Conversations are automatically archived after a while. This way the chats remain clear and there are no endless conversations. The parent can always start a new Topic.

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Gespreksplanner Kwieb En

Choose your time slot yourself the parent, report or progress conversations

Make it easy on yourself and schedule your calls online. Block your break, assign an agreed time slot to a specific student or block a time slot so that you can make a conversation last twice as long. Parents can easily register themselves via Kwieb and change the registration as long as the registration period has not yet expired.

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Kwieb Absentie Nieuw En

Absence notifications arranged via the app

Parents can report an absence for their child in the Kwieb app. On the morning itself if the child is ill or in advance of, for example, a visit to the dentist.

Which reason?

School determines which reasons are available for reporting an absence. The most common are illness, dentistry, but also, for example, a wedding, funeral or a religious day.

Report yourself better

When the child has been reported sick by the parent, reporting is just as simple. In addition, a notification is continuously shown at the top of the timeline that an absence is active, in this way the administration is always up-to-date.

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Ouderbijdrage En

Pay parental contribution via Kwieb

Send payment requests securely and reliably from the OR

Is your school's parent council also having trouble receiving payments in one go? Does sending and processing payment reminders cost a lot of valuable time? It is now very easy for parents to pay the voluntary parental contribution via the Kwieb parent app. Safe & reliable.

Payment request via the Kwieb parent app

The Kwieb parent app offers you the option of making an online payment request and sending it to the parents of your primary school, child center or daycare. This way you can easily collect the contribution for your school trip, holidays, (craft) materials, trips, sports days and other annually recurring activities.

Kwieb is designed around the privacy of parent and child

The privacy settings in the Kwieb app are very extensive. The parents can at any time adjust the visibility of the profile and that of their child(ren). This means that the name does not have to be visible to other parents.

School permission questions

For the use of, for example, visual material on the website or social media, the school can make permission questions available in the Kwieb app. The parent will receive a notification at the top of the timeline and will remain in the picture as long as it has not yet been entered.

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