Share photos of students securely

With the secure photo album you can easily share the photos with the parents.

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As a teacher you can easily create a photo album

Easily create photo albums of your photos in Ziber and share them with the parents of your group in Kwieb's secure environment.

Kwieb Fotoalbum

Parents view their child's photo albums in Kwieb

Parents view the photos of their children in the Kwieb parent app, they can also download the most beautiful photos and put them on their phone.

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Privacy and security are our top priority

At Ziber, your privacy and security are always guaranteed.
Decide for yourself what information you want to share with school and parents.

Always on the lookout!
The nice thing about this app is that you are involved in what goes on in the classroom every day. The photos are nice too. This app is also recommended for grandfathers and grandmothers!
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I think kwieb is great because then I know when something is or know what happens when my child goes to school like pictures from school trip, birthday or parties from carnival and christmas and all other parties, I would recommend you or a school to use it .
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