Kwieb Timeline

A handy overview for parents of everything that is going on within the school.

Always up to date

Parents will immediately see all current messages and activities related to their children on their timeline.
They can also immediately like or put the activity in their own agenda.

And... action!

Choose a time slot for a parent meeting, fill in a poll or a payment request from school.

When parental action is required, it appears directly at the top of the Kwieb timeline.

Never lose anything again

To keep the timeline clear, parents can filter per child.

Still lost a message? This can be found in no time via the handy search function.

So arranged...

Send a message to the teacher or report the child absent in the event of illness.
This can be arranged at the touch of a button!

Did you forget something?

Parents receive an annual reminder about their child's privacy settings in their timeline.

4.7 out of 5

Highest Rating

The Kwieb app has been rated the best in the app stores by parents.

Kwieb: Clear and easy!
Handy app, clear and easy. Both as a parent and as an employee I am very satisfied with Ziber and the Kwieb app. Highly recommended for schools and parents!
App Store
What an invention!
What an invention! Totally great, contact with the teacher you need in no time. Nicely organized when it comes to the latest news from school, better than all those separate emails every time. I don't want anything but squib! Recommended for every school!
Google Play
Suzanne Schoonhoven

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