The Dashboard that revolves around you

With the Gnap Dashboard that automatically adapts to your role within the school.

Gnap Dashboard En

A good start to the day

Which students are absent today? Has a parent sent a Topic (message)? What did my duo communicate with parents? With the Gnap Dashboard you are immediately informed.

Your role within the school

Teacher, administration, internal supervisor or director. Whatever your role within the school, the Gnap Dashboard automatically adjusts and shows you only information relevant to you.

Collaboration within Gnap

When your duo or another team member sends messages to parents of your group, you will immediately see this on your Dashboard. This way you always stay informed about what's going on in your group!

Peace and quiet...

At the end of the day or when you don't want to receive notifications from parents, simply set Gnap to do not disturb .

Discover Do Not Disturb

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