Unique invitation per parent and valid for 14 days

At the start of the new school year, quite a few parents are invited again. The parents can use the Kwieb parent app by means of a unique pairing code. With this code and the date of birth of the child, they can easily add the children to the app. 

Unique invitation per parent and valid for 14 days

For safety reasons, from this school year a code that a parent receives as an invitation can be used once. So if you want to give both parents (or multiple parents) access to Kwieb, you can send all parents/guardians a unique invitation. Previously, this was one code that could be used by multiple parents.

The pairing code is now valid for 14 days after sending the invitation.

Send reminder

Have parents forgotten to pair their child in Kwieb? No problem. The administration simply sends the parents a reminder,  and the code that the parents then receive is valid for another 14 days from the moment the reminder is sent.

Tip: If parents do not use the code again within 14 days, the school can send an invitation again. The parent will then receive a new code.