Speak all languages!

No more language courses needed! With the apps of Ziber you speak all languages! 

How does it work?

When you send a message in your own language from the Gnap team app to the Kwieb parent app, your message is automatically translated into the parent's preferred language.

What languages are available?

More and more schools are using the translation function and we are constantly expanding the languages.

New languages

Bulgarian, Romanian and Pashto

Other available languages include: 

Dutch, Spanish, English, Hungarian, German, Catalan, French, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Persian/Farsi, Dari, Russian, Myanmar/Burmese, Portuguese, Tigrinya, Somali, Urdu, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Ukrainian. 

> View the current list here

Do you miss a language?   Mail us to support@ziber.nl so that we can also activate this language

Soon also for Topics! 

The translation function will soon also be available for Topics! This way you can also easily have conversations with foreign-speaking parents via the chat.