Same parent app, new name!

At Ziber we have been working on it for a while and now we can finally tell everyone; Kwieb the new name of the parent app is Fiep. The top-rated parent app in the Netherlands is now in the App Store and Playstore under the name Kwieb. Kwieb will automatically replace the old Fiep app on your phone.

Why a new name? 

We haveKwiebrecorded the name   as an international brand name , which we did not succeed (well enough) with the name Fiep . As a result, we have better opportunities for the future and so we can also serve schools abroad with the Ziber platform .

Additional features in Kwieb

As soon as the Fiep app on your phone has automatically changed to the Kwieb app, you will also have extra functions! As a parent, you can then enter your own preferred language , so that the Kwieb app will work in your language. Messages from school will also be automatically translated into your language. In addition, the app has new privacy settings, allowing you to set the parent app even better to your own liking.

As a parent, do you still have to do something?

Nope! The app will automatically update on your phone, and Kwieb will then replace the old name Fiep , and as soon as you see Kwieb , you'll know it worked. If updating is not fast enough for you, you can of course also update the Ziber Kwieb app yourself from the App Store / Playstore.

Questions or comments? Feel free to mail us at, we are here to help you.

Kwieb, not for nothing the top rated parent app.