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Parents Wanted: Test the new Kwieb V5 app!

We are working on a new version of the Kwieb parent app and would like to invite parents to test the latest version, Kwieb V5. We strive to make our app as user-friendly as possible and to ensure satisfied parents. That is why we like to let parents think along and share their experiences so that we can continue to deliver the best app.

What's new in Kwieb V5?

The new version of Kwieb has been given a new design. You can now see much more clearly which child the message is for. The app has a new, clear calendar with a handy child filter. Profile and settings are combined in one screen for a better overview. Parents can now also view the school profile, where they can see the opening hours, find the members of the team, and download useful documents such as the school guide. In addition, notifications that parents receive can now always be found in the notification overview.

Do you have parents who want to test?

We are looking for parents who are interested in trying out the new version of Kwieb and sharing their experiences with us. Their feedback will help us to further improve the app and adapt it to their wants and needs.

What does a parent need?

• One or more children at school/daycare who use Kwieb . 
• An Android or iOS device. 
• A bit of technical knowledge related to Beta testing the app. 

How can parents get involved?

Do you have parents that you think would like to participate? Please share the link below where these parents can sign up! We will make a selection of parents about the registrations and approach them for further explanation.