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Parents link via QR code

The teacher or pedagogical employee of the school/childcare can now easily share a child's pairing code with the parent via the QR code scanner of the Kwieb parent app.

Unique torque code

Each parent receives a unique code for each child to link to his or her child . The parent links to the child once and can then access all the data from the Kwieb parent app.

Scan QR code

Parents are generally first invited by the administration  via e-mail. If for a certain reason the parent is not yet linked or comes to the classroom with questions, the teacher / PM'er can link them himself via the QR code. In the Dashboard of the Ziber team app, the team member sees which parents are not yet active.   The child's profile is accompanied by the QR code icon. The team member opens the QR code and the parent can scan this code via the Kwieb parent app. The parent is now linked to his child and can immediately access all the functionalities of Kwieb!

Share code in a way that suits the parent

Other options for linking parents are: by letter, sharing via Whatsapp (or messages) or copying the code so that the team member can then share it the way he / she wants. For more information, please visit:

https://support.ziber.eu/hc/en/articles/360019725618-Student code-sharing