More privacy settings

Kwieb is a parent app especially for the school community. Parents use Kwieb for information and interaction between school/school team. At the same time, Kwieb also plays an important role in the social interaction between parents who have their child in the same school. Think of registration lists or reactions under group messages or the exchange of contact details.

Parent privacy settings

As a parent, you can easily set how you want to use the Kwieb app. This allows you to expand your profile with contact information and share it with other parents at different levels. You can also choose to shield your name from other parents, as well as your child's name. Find out more about this feature in this article.

Share your contact details?

Would you like to share your contact details with other parents from school, so that they can easily find you and contacts via the Kwieb parent app? In this article, take a look at the possibilities of sharing your contact details.

Privacy and the operation of Kwieb

The privacy settings also affect the operation of the app. Here's an overview of which features will no longer work if you choose to shield your name from other parents.

More information about privacy?

Discover everything about the possibilities of the privacy settings in Kwieb in these articles.