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Hieperdepiep! Today is our birthday!

Hieperdepiep! SenseView's birthday calendar can now be used for school and childcare! Put the children in the spotlight by showing them on your own television screen (SenseView). 

Your own television channel

Does your school/daycare or IKC already use its own television channel? With Ziber SenseView you can easily show the latest news, announcements, photo albums or an up-to-date agenda to the parents in the hall. 

New! The birthday calendar

Now put the children in the spotlight by showing their birthday on the screen! Every day, the children who have their birthday today are shown on the screen. 

Do you also want to use the birthday calendar?

Would you also like to use the birthday calendar? Or do you also want your own television channel?
Contact us via support@ziber.eu or call 0224 290989