COVID-19 absence notification

Parents can create an absence notification for their child via the Kwieb app. They can choose from various reasons including: illness, dentist, general practitioner, funeral, wedding etc. In addition, it is now also possible for parents to report a COVID-19 absence in the Kwieb app. 


Does a student have COVID-19 related symptoms, is there a quarantine or is the child waiting for a test? Parents can now easily check this in the app. The parent can indicate the duration of the absence and possibly add a comment. 

Reason for Absence

The school itself determines the reasons for which parents may choose when reporting an absence. In addition, the school can also make it mandatory for parents to post a comment in the event of an absence report .

Instant action!

The school can take immediate action on the basis of the absence report, such as informing other parents about an infection in the group or having the group go into quarantine. This saves the school administration a lot of extra research and can be switched faster.

Would you like to know more about Covid-19 absences?

Kwieb parent app https://support.ziber.nl/hc/en/articles/4416653932305-Absentie-COVID-19
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