Consent questions in the parent app

Start the school year well by asking permission questions via the parent app Kwieb! 

What are consent questions?  

You can use consent questions to process personal data of the students. The consent questions may relate to the use of photos and videos, social media, extra care and guidance, use of name and address, etc.

Approval from both parents

In order to give consent, there must be agreement between both parents. Each parent can fill in their own answer in Kwieb. If one of the parents grants 'no consent', this will be decisive.

Always up-to-date

Parents can change the answer to the consent questions to consent or no consent at any time. They also receive an annual reminder on their timeline to check the consent questions and privacy settings. The teachers are automatically kept up-to-date with the latest changes in   Gnap. 

Publication warning

When publishing a message in Gnap , the teacher can view an overview of the pupils for whom permission has not been granted. In this way, the teacher always has access to the current privacy data of his students. 

Do you want to use permission questions?

We will slowly roll out the new permission questions function for all schools. Do you want to use permission questions now? Please contact our support via support@ziber.nl.