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Ziber Gnap = Ziber Team

Ziber Team is now the new name for Ziber Gnap

Saying goodbye to Gnap

Since 2020 we use the name Ziber Gnap (where it was previously called the MediaPublisher). However, the name Gnap is difficult for many to pronounce. Also, the name is confusing in several languages. We have therefore decided to say goodbye to Ziber Gnap and choose the new name: Ziber Team

Why Ziber Team?

Ziber Team is easy to pronounce and the name immediately makes it clear what the function of the app is, namely a team app for your school or daycare.

App Store

From now on we can be found in the app stores under the name Ziber Team (for the team of your school / childcare) and Ziber Kwieb (for the parents).