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Ziber API multilingual

The Ziber API is now also multilingual. From now on , you can add your preferred languages to your API settings. 

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows two applications to communicate with each other. So you can share information from the Ziber team app to, for example, a Wordpress website. This way, you can easily collaborate between multiple platforms, without having to enter the information multiple times. 

Automatic translation

The information you enter in Ziber - such as the news items - can now be automatically translated by the Ziber system. You can easily set the desired languages via the Ziber API settings. The output of the API is direct in the languages you set. This way, the news item you publish is immediately translated. 

Set up once

You only need to set the languages you want once. With your next publication, all languages are automatically included. This saves a lot of valuable time! 

Want to know more about the Ziber Api?

Please feel free to contact our support via support@ziber.eu