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Invite parents in their own language!

Ziber makes it even easier for schools to invite parents to the parent app. Now send the parents an invitation in their own preferred language. The administration can select a language per parent and then send an invitation by e-mail, letter or by sharing the student code (e.g. via WhatsApp). 

Unique code

To link the parents to the parent app, they receive a unique code, which is linked to the student. Parents receive the invitation by e-mail, letter or whatsapp and is now automatically translated into the parent's language! This way, the parents know exactly what to do to install the app. 

More than 25 languages

Ziber supports more than 25 languages including English, German, Ukrainian and many more. View the current language list at support.ziber.eu

Are you missing a language? Please feel free to contact our support (support@ziber.eu). 

Bulk invitation

When you use an automatic LAS link, you can first select the language from the profiles of the students (and their parents) before the invitation goes out. This way you can be sure that everyone receives their invitation in the right language!