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Anonymous calling with parents now possible in Ziber Team app

In the latest update of the Ziber Team app, a useful feature has been added to the student management. As a team member of a school or daycare, you can now easily call parents anonymously. This new option allows you to contact parents from your own phone, without your number being known to them. 

Contact a parent

With the student management in the Ziber Team app, you can easily get in touch with parents as a team member of a school or daycare. When a parent has entered his/her phone number in the profile, you can now see this via the student management. In addition to the existing options to contact parents by phone, chat or e-mail, there is now also the option to call anonymously.

Why anonymous?

With anonymous calling, you can contact parents quickly and privately, without them seeing your number. This is useful for quick communication and ensuring your privacy. 

How does it work?
To call parents anonymously, you only need to follow a few simple steps. In Ziber Team, go to student management. Through the student, find the linked parent and click on the option to call. You can then choose to call 'anonymous' or 'not anonymous'. When you choose to call anonymously, an anonymous number is automatically generated, with which you can reach the parent.