Ziber Education for the reception

The shelter has its own environment to publish to the Kwieb parent app , website , TV screen or newsletter of the child center.

Communicating with parents

With the Gnap app you can easily publish messages, activities and photo albums to the parents. The parents stay informed of everything that is going on within the daycare via their Kwieb parent app .

✓ Messaging with interaction

The parents receive your messages via the Kwieb parent app. They can like and/or comment on a post. You can also add a file to your message that parents can download.

✓ Activities with participation

When you organize an activity, you can ask the parents to participate. This way you immediately know who is coming.

✓ Safely share photos

Safely share photos with the parents of the daycare. By sharing the photo album via Gnap to the Kwieb parent app, only the parents involved can see these photos.

✓ Emergency Notification

Important announcement? Send an emergency notification to all parents who receive them via a push notification. This way you can be sure that everyone is immediately informed.

Working together with the child center

Stay informed of what information is communicated to parents. Gain insight into the information shared by your colleagues or the affiliated school. Ziber Education provides a connection within the child center.

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