Does your childcare center comply with the new privacy policy (GDPR)?

Ziber Education helps you on your way!

From May 25, 2018, every educational organization must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that as a school you are responsible for properly protecting the personal data of your students.

Ziber Education helps you comply with the new privacy policy and will continue to evolve to ensure the safety and privacy of students and your school.

At Ziber, your privacy comes first

With Ziber you opt for a communication platform between child center and parents where the privacy of student data is guaranteed. Parents organize their own privacy settings and those of their children in the Kwieb app. Parents can create a profile and share it with other parents. You can also ask permission questions to the parents, which they answer via the app. Read more about how we process information for your organization here.

Five privacy tips for education

The new privacy rules can be quite overwhelming. At Ziber we understand that this has a huge impact on schools. In addition to the updates that we will make to make Ziber Education comply with privacy legislation, we are happy to help the schools with privacy issues. To help you on your way, Ziber has 5 tips that you can use immediately to comply with privacy legislation online.

Tip 1: Privacy Policy

As a school, ensure that the privacy regulations are up to date. Include how photos, social media and the storage of student data are handled. Make sure all employees are aware of the privacy regulations. Also make sure that the privacy policy is easy for parents to see.

Tip 2: Internet Protocol

In the internet protocol you describe what is and is not desired for the teachers but also the students with regard to social media and the use of the internet. Once again, it is important that everyone is informed and that the internet protocol is always visible to everyone.

Tip 3: Parental permission

Ask permission from the parents about posting photos of their children, but also about other privacy-sensitive information of the child that you share internally or externally with others. Ask the parents these questions via Kwieb , so that parents always have control over their privacy settings.

Tip 4: Act according to the permissions

Act in accordance with parental consent. When the parents have been asked for permissions about the processing of privacy-sensitive data of children, you (and all people in the organization) will also have to act accordingly. That can be a challenging task. Read here, for example, how the Gnap app helps you to warn employees at the right time if they want to publish something that can be privacy sensitive.

Tip 5: Agreements software suppliers

Conclude a processor agreement with the software suppliers that deal with student data. In this, the supplier explains how personal data is processed for your organization (the controller). Read more about this at

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