Working together in the child center with Ziber Connect

Education, childcare, foundation and parent council. Multiple parties, 1 parent platform. Ziber Connect makes all connections possible.

Multiple parties, 1 parent platform

Within the child center there are several parties (education, parents' council, childcare and the foundation) that all communicate to one target group: the parent . Easily reach the parent via the website, newsletter, the TV screen or the parent app Kwieb. Ziber Connect provides a connection between these parties so that they can communicate to the parent via one parent platform.

Connect Overview

Collaboration within education

It is increasingly common for several schools to work together under one roof at one child centre. Ziber Connect ensures that the schools at the back have their own environment. Schools can use this environment to post their messages to the website, parent app, newsletter or the TV screen. This via one expression to the parents.

Send payment requests from the parent council

It is important for the parent council to be able to communicate with the parents of the school. For collecting the voluntary parental contribution online, the contribution for the school trip, but also for posting a message or an activity. With Ziber Connect, the parent council gets its own environment with which they can, for example, send a payment request via the Kwieb app to all parents of the school.

Page of the foundation on every website

A page of the foundation on the website of the school that the foundation can manage itself. Post a message on the school website or TV channel. Ziber Connect connects the foundation with the school.

Childcare and education under one roof

Childcare and school together on one website where each has its own section under management. Childcare and school are increasingly under one roof. Therefore, with Ziber Connect, provide one expression to the parent!

All connections are possible with Ziber Connect. Multiple parties, 1 parent platform.

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